Sunday, June 1, 2008

Collins-Monroe descendant

This weekend I made contact with a "new" cousin who descends from Polly B. Monroe and Francis Marion Collins. Suzanne descends from their daughter Charles Elmore "Elma" Collins who married Edward Johnson Monroe. Isn't it interesting Polly named one of her daughters for her brother Charles Elmore Monroe? This daughter is listed as Elmore C. on the 1880 census with her parents. I haven't yet done the census work to learn more about her family after marriage. She dies in 1927 and I have a copy of her death certificate which will be later available through the Johnson_Monroe Yahoo website. I emailed introduced Suzanne to Debbie and Ethel today. Hopefully some cousin sharing will happen.

Speaking of the Polly B. and FM Collins line - my shirt-tail cousin Tonya (she's related to descendants of Anna Collins m. Arthur Carney) went to Logan Co., KY last week and dug up some great Collins info I don't think any of us have seen before. Thank you Tonya!

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chris said...

Thank heavens you explained that looking at the census I would have assumed a census taker error, which I know from experience happened! Welcome new Cousin!