Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I am so far behind in my Data entry I keep getting sidetracked with working for money to pay bills!!!!!!!!!

The last few weeks have been insane but I gotta get back to work on it, my keyboard won't balance anymore on the stack of papers under it waiting to be entered.

I have to get the transcription done of the Power of Attorney that John Glazebrook and Francis did with her children Willory and Susan Stone regarding the land of John Stone they inherited. I was so tickled to find the proof of her having another marriage and finally proving that Susan was her daughter and that there was a reason for her to be listed in the family bible.

Does anyone have any proof that Francis wife of John Glazebrook was an Elmore before she married John Stone or is it simply a story that has been passed down?


lyn said...
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lyn said...

Yes, Get Thee to Thou Transcribing and Entering... and don't forget the the KY Monroe reunion minutes are waiting to be scanned. You know the list never ends. I live with a similar overload pile.

Finding the P of A re name of Francis' Stone husband and children was a wonderful find.

If Frances isn't nee Elmore than some one in her ancestry must be. Too many Elmore's in her descendants for that not to be true. There aren't any in the other Glazebrook lines I've looked at so far).

Turk Glazebrook said...

Doubt that this will be of any help but here goes. Just found this information last night. Found two pieces of information about 2 Elmore girls. A Susanne married Augustine Glazebrook and a Fannie married a John Glazebrook. Listed father as John Elmore(B: 3 Feb 1790-D:1829)and mother Maronica Catherine Townsend (B:1786 - D: 1 Dec 1852. I'm trying to find an Augustus Glazebrook so this looked promising to explore. John Elmore and Maronica were married 19 Feb 1812 in Warren Co. KY. Not much but hope it relates to your query. If you have better and more information about John Glazebrook that you could share would appreaciate.