Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Collins - Elmore C. line continued

I did the census work on Elmore C. Collins married Edward Johnson Butler in 1900/10/20. She dies in 1927. I haven't yet found Edward or most of their children in 1930. Think a bunch of them may no longer be in Kentucky so I need to look further. Found a KY WW1 record for one of Elmore's son's. Will be posted later to our Yahoo Johnson Monroe site. A wonderful thing happened about cousin contact when the mother of Suzanne who I mentioned in my earlier post contacted me. I haven't heard a peep from Suzanne or Debbie or Ethel or Tonya since I put them in touch ---- but Suzanne's mother Ann and I are talking so I'm happy about that. Ann has given me some good leads on tracing other descendants. Many thanks to Ann! I've invited her to the blog and the Yahoo group. Hope she will join us.

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