Friday, May 30, 2008

New Cousins on the blog

Good to see more cousins have joined us - Chris, Debbie, Ethel, Fred and Mary Linda - all William & Polly descendants. Please post what you are up to in your research efforts when you have time.

So far William & Polly descendants are in the majority here but there are 3 of us who descend from Mathew and Rebecca. As William was 15 years older than Mathew most of the descendants in the two branches in today's same age group are 1-2 generations removed. For example Carolyn and I are the same "Monroe generation" coming down from Johnson and Amelia as Chris & Mary Linda's Grandpa Presley Monroe (b. 1903). Presley, Carolyn and I are all ggg-grandchildren of Johnson & Amelia. Does this mean the Monroe/Hooper genes Carolyn and I have are "less diluted" than those of Chris and Mary Linda? Probably not but it may explain when some William descendants see me they say "you look like ....". Charlotte Dorsey told me I looked like her aunt Mary (Presley's daughter). Is this why I so enjoy looking at pictures from other branches of the family? I know sometimes I see them and think I see a resemblance to myself or others in my branch.

Here is a photo of my mother Eleanore. She is a gg-gdaughter of J & A. She is about 21 years old here. Does she look like anyone you know?

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Debbie said...

Lyn, No I do not know wish I did.I am working on it