Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lyn's Hobsons

Not quite Monroe research but given my link to Johnson Monroe is via Ellis L. Hobson married Alma Monroe I assume my recent contact with a second cousin via Hobson makes this post fit here quite nicely. My "new" cousin Judy's grandfather Orlando K. "OK" Hobson is my grandfather Ellis' older brother. I have a couple of letters OK wrote in early 1900s. In these letters OK has some of the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen. OK was the Methodist minister who married my grandparents. I have references to him in my grandfather's 1910 obituary and in letters written by one or the other of my grandparents.

Judy never heard of me or my grandfather. I knew her father's name but not much more. A couple of days ago I received photocopies of several items Judy owns. I thank her publicly for being so generous. One item was our great-grandfather Minos Russell Hobson's will. I didn't know it existed. My mother and her sister didn't receive anything but they both were mentioned. I was happy to see that. Judy also sent some obituaries which were very interesting. I did not know OK's wife Bessie Harlow was a licensed Methodist minister. I couldn't tell from the articles when the General Conference of the Methodist Church authorized women to preach but it must be much earlier than I ever imagined. I have only begun to absorb this new information and new information always creates questions. I will likely drive Judy nuts asking questions in the next few weeks. Hopefully she will be willing to put up with me. All this has me thinking I should do more work on documenting descendants of my Hobson great-grandparents. I made a teensy start by asking a high school classmate who lives in Wichita to look up some obituaries at the Wichita Historical and Genealogical Society I found in the WHGS on-line index. She agreed to do so as she plans a visit there for her own family research but it may be a few weeks. Thank you Eve! I've also done some census work and found some "my Hobsons" related World War I draft cards. And then... I set up a private Picasa Hobson photo album and uploaded some pictures. If anyone is interested in seeing this album, please let me know. Finding a "new" cousin is a wonderful experience - but it surely makes me see a zillion holes in my research and reminds me of all the projects I need to work on.

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