Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Myth Busted!

For years I can remember being told that Highland Methodist's church land had been donated by my Monroe Ans., but the other day I was in Glasgow and stopped by the courthouse for a quick dig regarding a house up for auction that I thought might have been tied to Nathaniel and Alethea's land I came across the deed for Highland and lo and behold Franklin Overstreets estate donated the land! Since Franklin is tied to my branch of the family to both my Shaw family and is also the father of Laura who marries one of Issac West and Phobe Monroe's sons I guess it still works, but now I wonder how in the dickens the story was created that the land came from a Monroe? I wonder where all the old records for Highland are? Anybody know?

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lyn said...

Hooray for your find! Is this the original property of Highland Methodist Church - or is it additional property deeded to the church? Have you found any tie-in with Monroe Chapel and Highland Church? Deeds or otherwise? Seems like there should be one. Maybe this is where the rumor came from?

Congratulations on your deed research. Great information. Thanks for posting about it!