Monday, August 4, 2008

Lyn's Hobsons #2

Last week I had a surprise phone call from a Hobson 2nd cousin. Mike is Judy's (mentioned in previous post) younger brother. We had a great conversation and the really fun part was Mike remembered singing with my first cousin (his second) at a Sedgwick Co., KS meeting of some sort where both the towns of Cheney (Mike) and Mt. Hope (Dick) were represented. The two of them never knew Mike's father and Dick's mother were first cousins! Dick doesn't remember the event from the meager description I emailed him. My notes from my phone conversation with Mike weren't very good and I may have left off the one thing that would have triggered Dick's memory.

I've continued on working on this side of my family a bit. I'm basically trying to track descendants of Minos Russell Hobson and Mary Ann Hod(g)son m. 1868 in Henry Co., IN. At this point I'm about to believe my grandfather's youngest brother William Lynn had 3 wives and not just the two I thought earlier. William Lynn only had one son I am aware of named Lynn Jr. born about 1922. Lynn Jr's mother's name is Olive but that's all I know about her except her marriage to Wm. Lynn didn't last long and ended in divorce. It was not her first marriage. SSDI and Texas death index indicates Lynn Jr. died in Houston area in 1999. If he married and had children I would love to learn about them and hopefully make contact.

The other sibling of my grandfather Ellis who married and had children was Adella Hobson m. Hiram Kline. They had two children Gerald and Pauline. Pauline did not marry. I remember meeting Cousin Pauline and Aunt Della in the early 1950s. Gerald married Ruth Minich. They had at least one child named Gerald born about 1928. If Gerald, Jr. married and had children I would love to know.

My high school classmate Eve mentioned last post came through with the three Wichita obituraries I requested. Not sure one of them is mine but getting negative information is good too as it tells me to look elsewhere. Thank you Eve! I appreciate you.

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