Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where has Lyn been this past year?

It's been a year since I posted. I've been involved in what I call a medical soap opera for the past 15 months. I believe I have now escaped from the opera house and can get back to real life. So... what have I been up to re researching family history over the past year? I've been all over the US. Mostly in Kentucky, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri but also in Texas and Iowa and California too. I can't possibly summarize it all - mostly because I can't remember! So I will restart this blog with what I've been up to recently. And much of this is based on information cousins were kind enough to give me - hints and pointers - while I was playing a role in my soap opera. I'm trying to prove all they told me and so far most of the information is right on.

One project has been trying to prove who is the father of Crissy J. Crews (1869-1953). He is thought by descendants to be the son of William J. Crews (1833-1872?) by a 2nd wife whose name may be Helen DeWolfe. William J. Crews is s/o Jesse Crews and Susan A. E. Sneed. William J. Crews first wife was Mary Elizabeth Beggs (d/o George W. Beggs and Muhulda Garner).

There is much to support Crissy J. Crews being related to this Crews family. His descendants have pictures of William J. Crews' brother David and Crissy lived near David in late 1800s. There is an autograph book of Crissy's in which a Mary Crews refers to him as brother (or herself as sister - I'd have to look it up). William J. Crew's youngest child by his first wife was named Mary and she was brought up by relatives and lived near where Crissy did as a youth. If you look at a picture of Crissy Crews and his (thought to be half-brother) George Beggs Crews the resemblance is uncanny.

One would think the 1870 census would have the answer. I have not been able to reliably identify William J. or Crissy in this census. William, according to his son George's bio, after his wife died " he moved to Kansas where he operated a sawmill. He then moved to the lumber district of Arkansas where he set up a sawmill which he operated until his health failed because of the swampy nature of the country."

Census shows 1900+ Crissy born in Arkansas and Kansas. I personally believe he is a son of William J. Crews s/o Jesse Crews and Susan A. E. Sneed. I have been unable to prove it. I would love to hear from anyone who can. Or from anyone who would like to work on this puzzle. Maybe there is a DeWolfe researcher out there who wondered what happened to Helen and he/she has family knowledge to help solve this problem. Or maybe there is a Beggs researcher who has heard something about a 1/2 brother to his/her Crews m. Beggs kin. If so... please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

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Jan Hosey said...

Hi Lyn,
Do you have any info on Polly Monroe Crews from Virginia. She married Peter Crews, my ggggrandfather,sometime around 1820. Supposedly, Polly's grandfather was Col. Spence Monre and she was a niece of Pres. James Monroe.
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Thank you,
Jan Hosey