Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crews/Travers in Wayne Co., Illinois

I was very pleased last week when Judi Finnell commented on my blog post about Peter Crews m. Martha Monroe. I always wondered who the Travis (Travers) children (John and Mary) were in their 1860 census. I thought they were likely grandchildren but Wayne Co., IL is a "burned county" so finding marriages for daughters in this time period isn't easy. Peter and Martha had two daughters of marriageable age Nancy and Mary who were with them in the 1850 census and not with them in the 1960 census. Either might have been the mother of the children. Judi informed me Nancy was the mother. Nancy was the second wife of Judi's great-great grandfather Nathaniel Travers. Judi said Nathaniel and both his wives were buried in the Travers Cemetery and I checked my cemetery book by Doris Bland and there they were. It was wonderful to finally know who Mary and John Travers were and their parents. Judi also had further information about Mary and John. What a great day it was when I heard from Judi!

Now... if someone would please come forward and let me know what happened to Nancy's sister Mary Crews (b. about 1828 in KY) after the 1850 census....

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Randy Seaver said...

Hi Lyn,

Thanks for the comment and the link on Genea-Musings. I thought I'd return the favor!

I will add your blog to my Bloglines list so I can keep up with your blog posts.

It'sa good to have more San Diego area bloggers!

Cheers -- Randy