Sunday, June 15, 2008

Susan Eva Collins

Started census hunting for Francis & Polly's daughter Susan Eva Collins m. 1) John Foster Baker and 2) J. Lee Johnson. Have had a heck of a time as Ancestry's indexing is not very good. Was about to give up on 1900 when I finally found Beker, Jeff and that's the right family. Found the family in 1910 but have struck out so far in 1920 census. However in 1920 I found evidence these folks are really ours (besides family stories and documentation) as Susan Eva Collins oldest daughter Lossie Baker marries her first cousin Marion Boles Butler (s/o Elmore C Collins & Edward Johnson Butler). Guess it's the old "gotta keep the genes in the family" thing. We have cousin marriages in other branches of the family too. I have more census work to do and haven't even started on the data entry. Hopefully I can finish Susan's family branch in a week or two.

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